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Learn more about the healing properties of Japanese shiatsu by participating in one-day introductory workshop. Akira Imai will teach you basic skills in the art of this Oriental medicine. Participants are trained in acupressure application, shiatsu points, and pressure intensity.

The workshop begins with self-shiatsu. First Aki teaches you shiatsu techniques for using fingers, hands, and body position. Once you are comfortable with these methods, you work with partners in sitting, supine and prone positions throughout the remainder of the workshop. Floor mats and massage tables will be used during demonstrations and hands-on practice. The techniques taught in this workshop can easily be incorporated into any form of bodywork.




We currently provide workshop evey Tueday 2:00pm-3:00pm

$20.00/ per class

1 CEU each class

Space is limited, please contact us to reserve your spot!

503-233-2236 or