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Akira Imai LMT , a licensed male massage therapist, has been teaching and practicing Shiatsu for over 25 years. He began learning the technique when he was only eight years old. His mother had arthritis and received weekly treatments at their home in Tokyo. Whenever the masseuse would come, Aki would watch. Eventually, he learned the procedures and began treating his mother himself. After graduating from college in Tokyo, he studied under Tokujiro Namikoshi, founder of Shiatsu and the most famous practitioner in Japan. In 1988 Aki started his practice in Portland, Oregon.

  • BA Social Science, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan - 1976
  • Japan Shiatsu College, Tokyo, Japan - 1980-1982
  • Shiatsu Instructor and Therapist, Notre Coeur College, Portland, Oregon - 1985–1987
  • Shiatsu Instructor, East West College, Portland, Oregon - 1987
  • Owner, The Shiatsu Center, Portland, Oregon - 1988–present
    - (Oregon LMT license #2523 since 1987), (Licensed Shiatsu Therapist Japan #26891 since 1982)